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Still waiting

So I’m still waiting for this little one to make his grand entry. We’re a few days over due now, which really isn’t that big a deal, but the waiting is really hard. I’ve been at my birth center twice now because I was so certain that labor had really started. LOl you would think that after two kids and two very long labors I would be able to tell what the real thing, but it actually gets hard to tell when you have labor like I do. Trusting Jesus that this little guy isn’t going to get too big, he’s a good size already. The toughest part of waiting is that my body just seems to love contractions, just not the big ones needed to send me into real labor. That’s actually the hardest part of waiting for me, the non stop, never ending contractions that last all night, all day and only stop for a few hours or if I take something to make them chill out. Oh well. As long as we’re both healthy I can wait this one out by the grace of God.

36 weeks

I’m 36 weeks and 2 days along. I’m getting somewhere between super stoked and slightly overwhelmed at how much Hubby and I still have to accomplish before we’re “ready.” Still “ready” is a funny word because emotionally we’re ready now! My midwives are thinking that with my past history I/we need to be ready by 38 weeks. They’re not planning on my making it to term since I never made it to a full 40 weeks with my last two. I don’t think I’m going to make it to term, but babies and pregnant bodies don’t ask any one what they’re thinking. Babies come when they’re ready. So the goal is to have our house back in order (we’ve been doing some minor cosmetic changes) and hopefully a few other things knocked off our check list by 38 weeks. Then I’ll do whatever I can so that I can stay a little busy till the time comes. I am slowing down, as I’ve had a good sized reality check that I can’t afford to wear myself out before our JA gets here. I’m packing our bags tomorrow for our flying trip of 2 hours and 15 minutes to the birth center once we know I’m in labor. Eeek! :-D :-D

The ‘hicks are back again

Braxton hicks are back, the big kind. Like I had a week or so ago. I hope I can sleep through these the way I’ve been sleeping through the little ones I’ve been having nightly.  

Braxton hicks

Hello Braxton Hicks. You’re back for real. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to kick in, but you’re back for good and you’re back to stay. Today I didn’t do much of anything because I didn’t feel up to it, then sitting here in my chair braxton hicks started kicking in, without being encouraged. Anytime you feel like letting up and letting me go to sleep would be good, but I’m also glad you’re back. It means that my body is rolling along toward birth at a lovely little pace. My daughter was born at 38 weeks, my son at 39 weeks. I’ll be 35 weeks on Wednesday!

Excited! :-)

I am getting really excited. Only 10-12 more weeks to go. The weather here is shifting from hot to cooler and it’s staying in the 60’s in the mornings which has me dreaming about all things pumpkin, apples and spices, bright comforting fall colors, high school foot ball games and eating tons of soups! I can’t wait to hold my newest little man. It’s funny but with this baby I’m really glad that I still have 8 weeks minimum, they grow so unbelievably fast the moment you have them. I look at pics of my other two babies and see how you almost wish you had them on video 24/7 because of how fast they change. I’m determined to really treasure this last stage of J-man’s tiny little life and not wish him here too soon. I’ll miss his little flips, kicks and wiggles even after I’m holding him in my arms. EEK!! I’m excited! lol

November is finally getting closer

So my third trimester starts this week and I am really really glad. I’m not a huge fan of the third tri but it’s so nice to know that we’re on the home stretch. No predictions though of the when my exact due date is. That’s something I’m keeping out of the public view for the most part. I’m due in early November, but a “due date” is really only an EDD (estimated due date). Seeing as how stressful it made my last pregnancy to be hung up on a particular date and how frustrating those last few weeks were thinking “any day this could be it…” I’m just going to wait this one out and see what happens. My daughter came 2 weeks early (which almost never happens to a first time mommy, most babies are born a week or two weeks late when it’s your first). My son was born 1 day before his actual due date. Now that I’ve actually paid attention to the research on a baby’s developmental milestones that they really need to cross in those last weeks (from week 37 to week 40) I hope my little one chills out till week 40 for his sake. Lol as for me I’m ready to hold him now. I keep thinking about the 0-3 months clothing that I have from my last birth and I can’t wait to figure out which one to put this one in for when I bring him home from the birth center. I’ve been thinking about pictures of my hubby holding our son right after he was born, of all the feelings and rush of emotions when holding my little boy for the first time. Seeing him sleeping, snuggled up in the bassinet and that amazing new born smell and snuggliness. Gosh I can’t wait!

Heart melting moments

Today my three year old J and I were sitting on the couch and she leaned over to talk to my tummy and she said, “Judah, we can’t wait till you come out so we can see your beautiful face.” :-) My heart just melted.

I love this stage of pregnancy!!!

Today while I was doing my work out I got to feel my newest little man, J.A. I don’t mean that I felt him kick, I could actually touch either his head or his bum since he had a good sized bump sticking out from my tummy! Not sure which but every time I’m pregnant and my babies get to this stage it’s soo much fun trying to guess which little bump it is. My kids could see him also and I think it was kind of weird for J at first. Then she almost got the courage up to touch him. This is my favorite stage of pregnancy, by far. :-D Most of my kids have been head down by 6 months and since I’ll be sick months on Wednesday I think he might be head down already. 23 weeks along and counting!!

"I wanted a sister!"

I found out on Thursday that my newest little one is a boy! Hubby and I really didn’t have a preference one way or another, we were just excited to find out. My daughter (age 3) on the other hand had a serious wish for a sister. Almost as soon as the picture was up on the sonogram screen we found out that we’re having another boy! 
J starting crying saying, “No. It’s not a boy. I wanted a sister!” She was crying so hard that the tech started trying to comfort her also while she continued the sonogram. Hubbs held J and tried to encourage her and cheer her up but the sobs kept coming for about 15 minutes. My son N meanwhile, (age 18 months) picked up J’s sunglasses like a camera, aimed them towards the sonogram screen telling the new baby “cheese!” Good news is J’s ok with her newest brother, the tears finally dried and she thought N’s picture taking was kind of funny. Then as we were leaving the office she told us, “I love N’s brother.” :)

work outs

These hour long work outs are kicking my butt, but oh I feel so much better after them. No achiness or stiffness afterwards and my nightly heart burn is getting better.

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